You try to do your best to reduce your exposure to those activities, locations and individuals that prompt drug cravings, and yet you will never ever get rid of cravings completely. Understanding how you can overcome and manage drug or alcohol cravings is consequently an critical talent in any kind of quest of healing.

Drug dependency recovery services train those in rehabilitation competencies that whenever practiced and utilized in real-world situations of enticement, can prolong restoration/healing for yet one more day; that is the way most of us make do, day to day.

Following is a speedy summary of some of the methods coached to help cope with substance or alcohol cravings, as counseled courtesy of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).


Stepping out of a circumstance of craving and occupying yourself with another task is a fantastic means to prevent capitulating to the enticement of chemicals.

Industry experts highly recommend that you create a variety of pursuits that can distract you from a craving should the necessity develop (going to a friend's hourse, taking your pet for a walk, buying the household goods, playing a video game, buy or read a book, going to a meeting, write a journal, etc.).

Plenty of persons try to cope with cravings for a certain chemical by using a different substance, for example, a cocaine abuser/addict may begin using marijuana to alleviate cocaine cravings. This is a very bad approach and frequently leads to full relapse; and so maintaining a list of better alternatives available could help to eliminate chemical replacement techniques.

Recalling Why You Shouldn't Abuse

While having an severe craving, individuals fixate on a memory of the bliss of substance abuse, disregarding temporarily exactly why they quit using to begin with. Reminding yourself just why you selected to stop using while in a time of craving could reinforce your resolve to maintain sobriety.

Several therapists highly recommend that you actually put in writing a selection of solid reasons for remaining substance free on an catalog card and keep this list of reasons on your person at all times. For the duration of a challenging occasion of temptation, you could read your list and recall at that moment exactly the reason you need to continue to be strong.

For Instance

Deteriorating renal disease Lose custodianship of my children if I start using

My spouse might abandon me

I will lose my career if I test out positive yet another time

Talking Through The Craving

Talking through an occurrence of craving as it occurs could enable you to control the intensity involved with it. Sharing with somebody you put your trust in about what you are going through at the moment of a craving may empower you and reduce a little of the anxiousness associated with combat against temptations by yourself. Speaking through the craving as it transpires can furthermore guide you to better realize exactly what brought about the feelings of these urges.

Letting Go -- Feeling The Craving

Letting oneself go through a substance or alcohol craving in a very abstract and detached fashion could markedly diminish the experienced severity of the incident.

Practitioners advise you to visualize the craving as a wave that is heading to crash into you, starting off small, increasing in in intensity, hitting maximum power and then simply abating. Rather than battling the craving, as you normally would, while letting go you make an effort to endure the craving as fully as is feasible.

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Find yourself a secure and cozy spot, relax and permit yourself to feel fully the craving.


Exactly what does it truly feel similar to?

Just what exactly do my feet feel like? My legs, my stomach, my neck, my teeth and gums, etc.

Just how formidable is the craving at the moment? Is it becoming stronger or is it relenting?

Can you talk about the sensation of the craving in words and phrases?

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In a paradoxical way, in focusing on enduring the craving completely you remove yourself from its effect. Plenty of individuals have discovered that this indifferent experiential method drastically decreases the severity and also incidence of experienced cravings.

Limiting The Strength Of The Internal Voice

In nearly all of us, inner thoughts of craving release an internal communication that deceives us of the certainty of use.

A craving may induce inner communications such as:

I have need of something to drink

I simply cannot beat this any more

However, as soon as we take an objective look at craving prompted internal voice assertions, we can discover that they usually are not fundamentally correct; and therefore we can learn to counter these claims with more accurate reflections of the real world.

"I have got to have a cocktail" turns into, "I may well want a drink, however I do not need to have a cocktail, and virtually all feelings of craving will vanish.".

"I cannot struggle this any more" turns into, "Cravings may be troublesome and annoying , yet they are only momentary, I will truly feel better in a moment, as long as I don't drink or use .".


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